Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants

Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants (EBTSOYP) is a non-profit (Canadian registered and US 501c3) with a primary goal of inspiring the next generation of scientists and explorers. We bring science, exploration, adventure and conservation into classrooms across North America and around the world, through virtual guest speakers and field trips. Since launching in September 2015, EBTSOYP has run well over 1,500 virtual events connecting hundreds of thousands of students with leading scientists and explorers from over 80 countries.


Each month we organize and host 30-50 live events, featuring a variety of opportunities from the fields of science, engineering, exploration, adventure and conservation. What we do is 100% free for classrooms everywhere and always will be. Instead we find our funding though grants, corporate partnerships and donations. The scientists and explorers who give their time to take part in EBTSOYP events all remember a time that they met someone, saw a documentary or read book that ignited a passion, leading them to where they are today. It’s these tiny ‘aha’ moments that EBTSOYP strives to spark in classrooms everywhere.


All of the events run through the Zoom platform, allowing for a large reach with each event. Up to 8 classrooms can join in live on camera from different locations and interact with the speaker. At the same time, all events stream live on YouTube and any number of classrooms can tune in, with an option to send in questions via the YouTube chat sidebar. Finally, all of the events record to YouTube, adding to a library of over 1,000 events that can be utilized by educators and students at anytime.


Many of our events take place from scientist and explorer’s homes, offices, labs and in the field with good cell signal. EBTSOYP’s signature events involve the use of a fleet of textbook-sized satellite BGAN units to live broadcast into classrooms from the most remote regions of our planet. These units are sent into the field with scientists and explorers and when paired wirelessly to their laptop or cellphone, can be used to video broadcast into classrooms from almost anywhere on the planet, no internet or cellular signal needed. We’ve broadcast from the field on all seven continents, from remote coral islands to deep within rainforests, from desserts to the tops of volcanoes, from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

Website: http://www.exploringbytheseat.com/

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvQkEzcH9f_9OylEdmALiWg

Shifting Gears in the Time of Covid-19


We have quickly shifted gear to run our live events for educators, parents and students to take part in from home as schools will remain closed for an indefinite amount of time. We are broadcasting 3-4 live events a day into homes, hosting events with countless scientists, explorers ,adventurers, conservationists, authors and more. From astronauts to marine biologists, with virtual field trips to see the last two northern white rhinos in the world in Kenya to sloth rehabilitation centers in Costa Rica. There is no other organization like EBTSOYP and we’re the best at what we do. By leading the field in live broadcasts into classrooms, we were able to quickly pivot to ensure that the learning can continue for every one at home!

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