How much is shipping?

The cost of shipping is built into the donation for North America and Europe. We'll find a printer in country who can print and send, as we want to make sure that as much of your donation as possible goes to our conservation partners and to avoid as much COVID shipping restrictions as possible.

What if I'm in somewhere else in the world and would like to donate $100 USD and receive a print?  

We'll follow up with everyone who purchases a print to make it work. If we can find a printer who is able to fulfill the order in other countries around the world we will happily get you a print. 

I received my print but it's missing/bent/damaged

Let us know and we will follow up with the printer immediately and get you a new one

What percentage of sales is donated?

100% of your donation after the printing and shipping costs will go directly to our conservation partners

I want to donate directly to one partner - can I do that?

You're welcome to visit the website of any one of our conservation leaders or organizations and donate directly on their websites. For "Prints for Conservation" and the Global Biodiversity Festival every dollar received will be split evenly between all the participants

Can I order a smaller/different sized print?

Since we are following up directly with each person donating, you are welcome to request a smaller size if you would like. 30 x 45 cm will be our standard size for shipping

How many of each print is available? 

Each print has been made available in a limited run of 25 copies. Once a print has 'sold out' it will no longer be available

I would like to contribute a print of my own

Get in touch at ebtsoyp@gmail.com and we'll discuss details of donating a print to the cause