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Celebrating World Ranger Day
Part of the Global Biodiversity Festival Series

31st July, 2021

The playlist of events can be found here 

World Ranger Day

24-Hour Virtual Event
31st July, 2021

July 31st is World Ranger Day, a day to commemorate the Rangers who are killed or injured in the line of duty around the world and to celebrate the work Rangers do to protect the world's natural and cultural heritage. Join us for a 24-hour event as we share their stories, the ecosystems and species they protect, the numerous challenges they face and the victories, both large and small.

This virtual festival has a simple goal, celebrating incredible men and women, doing incredible things around the world, day in and day out. Rangers around the world deal with challenging and dangerous working conditions, often facing threats, injury, disease and even death on the frontline of protecting wild areas, historical and cultural sites. Despite these risks, Rangers efforts are often not fully recognized, appreciated or supported with adequate resources and training. The job of a ranger requires exceptional skills, professionalism and the highest standards of personal conduct, but surveys show that they are dealing with low wages, limited access to healthcare and inadequate training and equipment.

Our goal is to provide a platform for Rangers around the world to share their stories each year and to raise some funds to support organizations that support them.  The festival is free to join, but we hope that you will make a donation while registering or during the festival. Rangers need recognition, support and capacity around the world. Their work is essential for the effective management of wild, historical and culturally significant places, and meeting global goals for sustainable development and protecting biodiversity.

* Website photos by Ami Vitale



100% of funds raised will go to Tusk ( as part of a 100% matching fund as well as Project Ranger ( to aide several ranger organizations. You can also choose to donate directly to either organization or any of the incredible ranger organizations listed in the partner section below.


About the Global Biodiversity Festival

What is the Global Biodiversity Festival?
May 22nd is the International Day for Biological Diversity and each year we celebrate with a 3-day virtual extravaganza featuring scientists, explorers, storytellers and conservationists from across the globe!


The Global Biodiversity Festival is a virtual weekend for the general public, with a simple goal of shining a spotlight on biodiversity loss. This is a truly global event bounces around the globe as we celebrate the weird and the wonderful, highlight the challenges life faces and some good news conservation stories. We share the divers  stories and challenges of scientists, explorers, conservationists, filmmakers and policy makers on the frontline of the race to save the incredible variety of life on our planet...and ourselves.

Year two of the Global Biodiversity Festival took place May 20th - 23rd and was a huge success! We broadcast live for 78 hours, featuring over 160 speakers from all 7 continents and over 60 countries. During the event we raised $40,000 for grassroots conservation organizations and will be shortly publishing a festival book, featuring the stories of all the speakers who joined the events.

The Global Biodiversity Festival Series

We don't want to wait another year to celebrate biodiversity, so as we race towards year 3, we'll be hosting series of 24-hour virtual festivals. Each one will explore a different aspect of biodiversity, starting with World Ranger Day on July 31st!



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