Year 2 of the Global Biodiversity Festival has wrapped, check out the playlist of events here:


All Times Are Listed in Eastern Time

+5 for UK Time/+12 for Kuala Lumpur/+14 for Sydney



Bonus Pre-show (Here Only:

4:30pm Cecilia Montauban Bats & Tech: Hidden Nocturnal Wonders

5:00pm Purnima Devi Barman | A Female Led Community Conservation Movement: Saving the Endangered  Greater Adjutant Stork (Hargila) by Changing Perceptions and Empowering Women in Assam, India

5:30pm John Flynn | Can we Save the Sea Turtles of Ghana?

Festival Kick-off

7:30pm KM Reyes | Rainforests:  More Than Biodiversity

8:00pm Celine Gamble | Restoring the UKs forgotten Oyster Reefs

8:30pm  Callie Broaddus | Reserva Youth Land Trust

9:00pm R. Isai Madriz | Six-Legged Jewels of Patagonia

9:30pm Shafqat Hussain | Protecting Snow Leopard with Community Participation  

10:00pm Andrew Digby | Intense Conservation: Saving the Kākāpō

10:30pm Joe Cutler | The Ogooue Megatransect - Exploring Africa's Last Wild River

11:00pm Benoit Goossens | Striving Towards Sustainability in the Lower Kinabatangan Floodplain: Environmental Protection and Conservation in Action

11:30pm Krithi Karanth | Rewilding India



12:00am Wong Siew Te | Novel Approaches for Sun Bear Conservation in Borneo

12:30am Paige Strudwick | Coral Propagation and Out-planting: What Does it Mean for the Microbiome of Corals on the Great Barrier Reef

1:00am Isabel Castro | Kiwi a Weird, Wonderful and Endangered Ornithological Relict

1:30am Jonah Ratsimbazafy | Let’s Save Our Cousins (nonhuman primates) From the Brink of Extinction

2:00am Indah Rufiati | Catalysing Community-based Marine Conservation in Indonesia

2:30am Rolph Payet | Making Visible the Invisible: Addressing the Drivers of Biodiversity Loss

3:00am Giovanni Chimienti | When Corals Create Forests: Tales From the Mediterranean Sea

3:30am Tim Gordon | Songs of the Sea

4:00am Finance for Biodiversity | 

Celebrating New Signatories Finance for Biodiversity Pledge

4:30am David de Rothschild | Rewild Yourself

5:00am James Thornton | Law to Save the Planet

5:30am Céline Cousteau | Interconnected - You and the Indigenous Peoples of the Vale do Javari, Amazon

6:00am Irene Margareth R. Pinondang | The Return of Corina: Tigress of The Peatland

6:30am Mark Rose | Our One Home: Five Breakthroughs to Protect and Restore Nature

7:00am Debbie Winton | Plastic Pollution – An Untold Threat to Freshwater Biodiversity

7:30am Marco Lambertini | Nature Positive by 2030: A Global Goal for Nature

8:00am Gautam Shah | Games as the Future of Wildlife Storytelling

8:30am Indira Dayang Lacerna-Widmann |

Soaring High: the Plight and Success of Conserving the Philippine Cockatoo

9:00am John Scanlon AO | The Interconnected Nature of Things – Environment, Economy & Health

9:30am Vreni Häussermann | Hidden Beauties - the Marine Animal Forests of Chilean Patagonia

10:00am Dereck and Beverly Joubert | The Visual Extravagance of Biodiversity

10:30am Kehkashan Basu | Driving Change At The Grassroots: Protecting Our Mangrove Ecosystems

11:00am Geir Nordeng | How to Address Global Challenges Through Music

11:30am Live from the Russian Geographical Society in St. Petersburg and Moscow

12:00pm Paul Rose | Pristine Seas

12:30pm Osa Conseration | Obed Azofeifa: Green Farming - Conservation & Agriculture Collide

1:00pm Rodrigo Medellín | Bats and People

1:30pm Ami Vitale | Extreme Conservation 

2:00pm Anand Varma | Exploring the Hidden Wonders of Our World

2:30pm Jill Heinerth | The Ocean Starts Beneath Your Feet

3:00pm Rosamira Guillen | Proyecto Tití: Securing a Future for Cotton-top Tamarins and their Forest Home in Colombia

3:30pm Paula Ehrlich | The Importance of Protecting Biodiversity

4:00pm Pablo Borboroglu | Vote for Penguin Conservation!

4:30pm Jamal Galves | Belize Manatee Conservation Project

5:00pm Cristiana Castello-Branco | The Dark Side of Bob: Unraveling the World of Deep-sea Sponges

5:30pm Kristine Tompkins | A Look at Tompkins Conservation

6:30pm Andrew D. Corso | Antarctic Biodiversity - What is it, How is it Sampled, and is it Changing?

7:00pm Daniel Kinka | Rewilding American Prairie Reserve

7:30pm Dracula Youth Reserve Power Hour

8:30pm Manuela Dal Forno | The Secret Life of Lichens

9:00pm Murilo Pastana | How Many Fish Species Are There in the Amazon and Where Do We Find Them?

9:30pm Marites Gatan-Balbas | Philipine Crocodile Conservation in NorthEast Luzon, The Philippines

10:00pm Hotlin Ompusunggu Healthcare Incentives to save high biodiversity Rain Forest in Sumatra, Indonesia

10:30pm Binbin Li | Protecting Panda Habitat from the Encroachment of Livestock Grazing

11:00pm Peter Ong | Primates and Landscapes of Malaysia

11:30pm Stuart Chapman | Bringing Back the Roar



12:00am Erika Woolsey | Sharing the Ocean

12:30am Kanchana Weerakoon | Gardens with Loving Kindness to Help Urban and Peri Urban Biodiversity in Sri Lanka

1:00am Moreangels Mbizah | Community Based and Local Led Conservation - Key for Biodiversity Conservation

1:30am Live from the Seychelles | Recording Aldabra’s incredible green turtle recovery

2:00am Colin Simpfendorfer | Sharks in the Mangroves

2:30am Melvin Terry Gumal | Orang-utan conservation in Sarawak – A Brief History and Conservation Interventions Towards Saving This Iconic Species

3:00am Cara Lin | Tropical Trifecta: Biodiversity in Connected Marine Ecosystems

3:30am Maria Gavrilo | In the Heart of the Arctic, Where Atlantic Meets Pacific

4:00am Mamy Razafitsalama | Protecting Lemurs Using Community Conservation

4:30am Mercy Njobvu | My Conservation Story

5:00am Luis Cunha | Soil Biodiversity Signatures in Human-made Landscapes

5:30am Prashant Mohesh | Mauritius Under the Threat of Climate Change

6:00am Mark Evans | The Oldest University on Earth …. How T.E. Lawrence, Fridtjof Nansen and Outward Bound Combine to Inspire the Next Generation of Planetary Caretakers

6:30am Tiassa Mutunkei | The Power of the Youth

7:00am Lillian Stewart | Gulls and Garbage: Our Trash Is Another Gulls Dinner

7:30am Rod Downie and Peter Fretwell | Walrus form Space

8:00am Ardiantiono | The Komodo Dragons: Adventure to the Lost World

8:30am Ryan Mathews | Water Sampling at the Bottom of the World

9:00am Jeneria Lekilelei | Cultures of Coexistence: Mentoring the New Warriors

9:30am Nicole Stott​ | We Live on a Planet

10:00am Ol Pejeta Conservancy

10:30am Osa Conservation | Andy Whitworth: Canopy Conservation - Live from the Treetops

11:00am Gary Tabor | Ecological Connectivity Conservation - Bridging Biodiversity and Climate

11:30am Elisa Sandoval Serés | How do African Wild Dogs Cope with Lions and Hyaenas?

12:00pm Andrea Quirós Vargas | LIVE Encounters with the Toucan Rescue Ranch!

12:30pm Osa Conservation | HIlary Brumberg and Maria Jose Mata Quiros: Regrowing & Rewilding Rainforest in Costa Rica

1:00pm Stella Diamant | Discovering a Whale Shark Hotspot in Madagascar

1:30pm Mark Ofua | Ireti, A Nigerian Pangolin Story

2:00pm Emily McKenzie | The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review

2:30pm Jane Francis | From Forests to Icesheets: Antarctica's Transition from Greenhouse to Icehouse

3:00pm Sylvia Earle

3:30pm Enric Sala and David Shukman

4:00pm Emanuel Gonçalves | Rise Up for the Ocean - A Blue Call to Action

4:30pm Ashlan & Philippe Cousteau | Save Antarctica and Save the World

5:00pm Mariana Da Silva | Tooth Fairy Gone Wrong: Combating the Illegal Trade in Jaguar Parts

5:30pm Peter Houlihan | Collaborative Technological Approaches for Rainforest Conservation

6:00pm Gabby Tan & Julie Molenaar | Starting in Schools: Teaching the Next Generation to Protect Our Planet

6:30pm Luis Ortiz-Catedral | Back from the Brink – Again: The Conservation of the Norfolk Island Green parrot

7:00pm John Francis | The World is your Backyard

7:30pm Jennifer Adler | Storytelling for Science

8:00pm Emma Bean | The National Kiwi Hatchery: Saving Our National Icon - One Egg at a Time

8:30pm Paul Salopek | Walking Through the Anthropocene

9:00pm Emma Camp | Building Great Barrier Reef Resilience Through a Globally-unique Partnership: The Coral Nurture Program

9:30pm Justine Vaz |Stone soup and Biodiversity Conservation in Penang, Malaysia

10:00pm Onkuri Majumdar | Wildlife Crime

10:30pm William N Kostka | Micronesia Conservation Trust

11:00pm Rohit Singh | Rangers and their Role Planetary Health Service Workers

11:30pm Doug Woodring | When Spider Webs Unite, They Can Stop a Lion



12:00am Harrison Talarico | Using bioacoustics to Investigate the Migration of a Burrow-nesting Seabird, the Short-tailed Shearwater

12:30am Conservation Hour with Shari Gallop, the Honolulu Zoo and a Conversation with Justin Mundy and Simon Zadek

1:30am Shah Redza Hussein| 

Indigenous Community and Saving the Malayan Tiger: The Royal Belum State Park Experience

2:00am Songlin Wang | Why and How are We Trying to Conserve China's Largest Eelgrass Bed

2:30am Oliver Fankem | Elephants and Great Apes Conservation in the TRIDOM, the ZSL Approach in Cameroon

3:00am Emma Nichols | Plastic Accumulation On One of the World's Most Remote Islands

3:30am Hana Raza | Conservation Optimism in the Time of War

4:00am Adjany Costa | Mukissi: The Guardians of the River

4:30am Jodie Rummer |  What Can the Toughest Shark on the Great Barrier Reef Teach Ua About Climate Change

5:00am Ghana Shyam Gurung | State of Conservation in the face of  climate change in Nepal

5:30am Martina Panisi | Learning With the Forest Giants (snails): A Story to be Told

6:00am Sarah Toumi | The Great Green Wall, A Nature World Wonder in Africa Improving People's Livelihood and Preserving Ecosystems

6:30am Holly O'Donnell | Life in the Amazon: Fieldwork, Frogs and Short-eared Dogs

7:00am Reynante Ramilo | Saving the Dugong (Mermaid of the Sea)

7:30am Daniel Hayhow | Tiny Forest – Super Tiny, Super Powerful

8:00am Clarine Kigoli | Using SMART to Improve Conservation Effectiveness in Kenya

8:30am Haitham Al Rawahi | Arabian Tahr… The Hidden Jewels of Oman's Hajar Mountains

9:00am Nicole Abanto | An Otter Point of View

9:30am Lucy Kemp | Conserving a Cultural Icon: the Thunderbird

10:00am Nadia Frontier | Diving into Antarctic Habitats

10:30am Supraja Dharini | Integrated Community Based Sea Turtle Conservation - A success Story

11:00am Duke Lemur Center | Live from the Lemur Forest

11:30am Shekar Dattatri | The Power and Impact of Narrowcasting in Conservation

12:00pm Cayte Bosler | What is the Wilderness Worth?

12:30pm David Shukman | Reporting from the Frontlines of a Changing Planet

1:00pm Tatiana Arias | Orchid Conservation in Colombia: Preserving of Many Treasures of one of the Most Biodiverse Countries on the Planet

1:30pm Lauren Gibson | Empowering Young People to Create Change Today

2:00pm Juan Mayorga | A global blueprint for Ocean conservation

2:30pm Ricardo Moreno | The Jaguar in Panama: Advances in Research, Education, Conservation and Resolution of the Human-Jaguar Conflict

3:00pm Francesco Sauro | The Dark Continent: Caves as a New Frontier of Scientific Exploration on Earth and Beyond

3:30pm Amanda Kahn | The Secret Lives of Sponges: Understanding Ancient Animals at their Own Pace

4:00pm Patricia Medici | 25 Years of Tapir Conservation Efforts in Brazil

4:30pm Katie Schuler | Pangolin Conservation

5:00pm Ana María Villada Rosales | One Health in Wildlife Conservation & Rescue

5:30pm Liselot Lange | Primates in Las Piedras, Perú

6:00pm Maritza Morales Casanova | No Education Means No Conservation

6:30pm Arianne-Elise Harris | Guyana: The Land of Many Wildlife Communities!

7:00pm Adriana Verges | Engaging Local Communities to Restore Underwater Forests & Meadows

7:30pm Live from Tonga with Vava’u Environmental Protection Association

8:00pm Justin Grubb | Planet Indonesia

8:30pm Luis German Naranjo | Underground Realities

9:00pm Oliver Wearn | Saving the Small Apes from a Big Extinction

9:30pm Kristin Rechberger | Building Conservation Economies for a Regenerative Planet

10:00pm Joe Smith | A Twenty-minute Recipe for a Sustainable World

10:20pm Arkadyi Tishkov | Arctic Biodiversity and the Climate Change

10:40pm Festival Wrap-up