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All Times Are Listed in Eastern Time

+5 for UK Time/+12 for Kuala Lumpur/+14 for Sydney



6:30pm Pablo Borboroglu | Penguins as a Catalyst for Change

7:00pm Vanessa Pirotta | Whales as Important Monitors of Our Oceans

7:30pm Victoria Strange | Exploring Biodiversity in Florida's Imperiled Scrub Ecosystems

8:00pm Archana Anand | The Path of a Flush: Sewage Can Tell Stories

8:30pm Pedro Peloso | Life Among Frogs: A Perspective From 15 Years of Research and Exploration

9:00pm Chloe Boote | How Being Unique is Good for Coral Reefs

9:30pm Arnaud Desbiez | Giant Armadillo Conservation in Brazil

10:00pm Rosamira Guillen | Proyecto Tití: Securing the Home of the Critically Endangered Cotton-top Tamarins in Colombia

10:30pm Ivonne Cassaigne | From Bighorn Sheep and Pronghorn to Jaguar in Mexico

11:00pm Yara Barros | Saving Jaguars in the Atlantic Forest

11:30pm Aishwarya Sridhar | The Impact of Storytelling



8:00am Moumita Chakraborty | Save the Himalayan Gems: Red Panda

8:30am Dale Wepener | Rehabilitation of Phinda Private Game Reserve

9:00am African People & Wildlife Showcase

9:30am African People & Wildlife Showcase

10:00am Tompkins Conservation | Rewilding Chile and Argentina 

10:30am Dr. Mark Rume Ofua | Rescuing Pangolins in Nigeria

11:00am Joe Cutler | Exploring Gabon’s National Parks

11:30am Prashant Mohesh | Ocean Conservation In Mauritius

12:00pm Natalie Schmitt | DNA Adventures in the Conservation of Rare and Elusive Species

12:30pm Kristen Lear | Restoring Agaves for Pollinating Bats and People

1:00pm Live in the Field With Osa Conservation

1:30pm Live in the Field With Osa Conservation

2:00pm Rachel Graham | Rewilding the MesoAmerican Reef with Sharks and Other Marine Megafauna

2:30pm Andrés Sáenz Bräutigam | The Mysterious World of Sloths

3:00pm José Hernán Sarasola | Conservation of the Chaco Eagle in Argentina

3:30pm Lia Nahomi Kajiki | Wildlife Stories From the Largest Savanna in South America

4:00pm Leo Lanna | In the Nights of the Rainforest

4:30pm Rosa Vasquez Espinoza | Amazonian Stingless Bees and Their Medicinal and Poisonous Honey

5:00pm Jennifer Denny | Conservation Through the Lives of Adirondack Loons

5:30pm Joe Grabowski | A Look at Biodiversity in the Galapagos

6:00pm Jennifer Matthews | All About Coral Farts

6:30pm Xime Velez-Liendo | The Bear and the Bee: Restoring the Last Remnants of Bolivian Dry Forest

7:00pm Martina Panisi | Wildlife Identification and Conservation Preferences in São Tomé

7:30pm Peter Houlihan | XPRIZE Rainforest

8:00pm Kini Roesler | The Hooded Grebe Project

8:30pm Peter Ong | Project Monyet

9:00pm Josiah David Quimpo | Getting to Know the Rufous-headed Hornbills of Panay Island

9:30pm Alexis Chappuis | Exploring Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems in Indonesia

10:00pm Seno Tsuhah | Indigenous Food and Farming Systems

11:00pm Kanmani Chandra Rajan | Hong Kong Oyster Shells Under Ocean Acidification



8:00am Stella Diamant | Whale Sharks of Madagascar


8:30am Black Mambas & The Bush Babies Education Program

9:00am Jessicah Kurere | Working With Domestic Dogs and Cats to Conserve Lions in Northern Kenya

9:30am Astrid Andersson | Aliens In the City

10:00am Andreas B. Heide | Sailing with Whales in the Arctic  

10:30am Sandesh Kadur | Into the Himalaya

11:00am Andrea Quirós Vargas | Live Virtual Tour of Toucan Rescue Ranch

11:30am Gautam Shah | Wildlife and the Metaverse

12:00pm Nilofar Raeesi Chahartaghi | Conservation in Iran

12:30pm Gonçalo J. Costa | The Works Behind Describing a Cicada Species

1:00pm Mhairi McCann | Youth STEM 2030 Showcase

1:30pm Mhairi McCann | Youth STEM 2030 Showcase

2:00pm Alexander More | Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health

2:30pm  Inov Sectionov | International Rhino Foundation

3:00pm Callie Broaddus | Reserva Youth Land Trust

3:30pm Rodrigo Medellin | Why Bats Matter: The Goods and Benefits of Having Bats In Our Lives

4:00pm Oliver Broadhead | Eden Project

4:30pm Cayte Bosler | Conservation in the Adirondacks 

5:00pm Meredith Palmer | Conservation Technology - Innovations in Wildlife Monitoring

5:30pm Iris Berger | Feeding India Without Gobbling Up Its Biodiversity

6:00pm Emma Bean | Virtual Field Trip to the National Kiwi Hatchery

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