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July 31st

All times are listed in Eastern Time (+ 5 hours for UK)

12:00am Hem Baral: Nepal Country Director for Zoological Society of London

12:30am Ol Pejeta Conservancy: Live with the K9 Unit

1:00am Nico Richards: Rhino 911

1:30am Michael Keigwin: Founder Trustee & Project Lead Uganda Conservation Foundation

2:00am Chris Gordon: Wildlife Ranger Challenge

2:30am Big Life Foundation: Daniel Ole Sambu and Francis Legei

3:00am Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan

3:30am Game Rangers Association of Africa

3:55am Honor Roll Reading and Moment of Silence

4:00am Game Rangers Association of Africa

4:30am Royal Belum State Park: Shah Redza Hussein and Lau Ching Fong

5:00am George Owoyesigire: Deputy Director for Community Conservation at the Uganda Wildlife Authority

5:30am Jose Louies: Live from Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala State, India

6:00am Countryside Management Association: England, Wales, Northern Ireland

6:30am Lewa Wildlife Conservancy: Ranger Event

7:00am Lewa Wildlife Conservancy: Ranger Event

7:30am Gorongosa National Park: Rangers and Pangolin Rehabilitation Centre

8:00am Benson Kenyambo: Law Enforcement Advisor Conservation South Luangwa

8:30am Universal Ranger Support Alliance: World Ranger Day Panel

9:00am Universal Ranger Support Alliance: World Ranger Day Panel

9:30am Ol Pejeta: Live with the Northern White Rhinos

10:00am Amos Gwema: Principal Investigation Officer Wildlife Intelligence in Zimbabwe

10:30am Tara Keir

11:00am Project Ranger Showcase

11:30am Project Ranger Showcase

12:00pm Project Ranger Showcase

12:30pm Deepali Atul Deokar and Priyanka Lagad : Exploring Womanhood Foundation

1:00pm Niloufar Raeesi: Kooch Foundation for Biodiversity Conservation in Iran

1:30pm Osa Conservation: Volunteer Rangers in Costa Rica

2:00pm A Conversation with Chris Galliers, International Ranger Federation President and Mónica Álvarez Malvido, International Ranger Federation Officer

2:30pm Sherali Zhunuso: Ranger in Tajikistan

3:00pm Rohit Singh: Director Wildlife Enforcement and Zero Poaching, WWF Wildlife Crime

3:30pm Justin Grubb: SMART Rangers Indonesia

4:00pm Richard Bagyenyi : Conservation Through Public Health

4:30pm Sport Beattie: Founder of Game Rangers International 

5:00pm La Fundación de Conservación Jocotoco

5:30pm Tungalag Ulambayar: Mongolia Country Director for Zoological Society of London

6:00pm Altin Gysman: Programmes Manager at Southern African Wildlife College

6:30pm Khatuna Katsarava and Vajiko Khochiashvili: Agency of Protected Areas, Georgia

7:00pm Sustainability PH: Rangers in the Philippines

7:30pm Javier Robayo Guerra: Executive Director EcoMinga

8:00pm African Parks: Hugues Akpona, Head of Institutional Funding and Tizola Moyo Majete Wildlife Reserve, Malawi

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