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7:50AM Message from the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity on Biodiversity Day  2020


8:00AM Amy Dickman | Cats, Cows & Camera-traps: Community Conservation in Tanzania


8:30AM Felix Lankester | Wildlife Disease in the Serengeti: A Case Study


9:00AM João Campos-Silva | Communiy-based Conservation of Amazonian Megafauna


9:30AM Asha de Vos | The Secret Lives of Sri Lanka's Giants


10:00AM Daisy Hessenberger | Nature-based Solutions for the Next Generation – How Can You Help?


10:30AM Richard Kock | Covid-19 and Biodiversity


11:00AM Rodrigo Medellin | Do Not Be Deceived: Bats in Real Life Are Your True Friends

11:30AM Carl Gustaf Lundin | Wonders of Marine Biodiversity

12:00PM Peter Houlihan | Rainforest Conservation in the 21st Century: The $10 Million Rainforest XPRIZE

12:30PM Rachel Butler | Filming in Our Blue Planet

1:00PM John Scanlon AO | The Status Quo Won't Cut It - Time's Come for Bold Changes to Wildlife Trade and Wildlife Crime Laws

1:30PM Rolph Payet | Making the invisible Visible

2:00PM Mariasole Bianco | The Future of the Ocean

2:30PM Joe Smith | How to Stay Safe and Enjoy Your Stay on Campsite Earth

3:00PM Nachamada Geoffrey ​| Saving Nigeria's Largest Elephant Population

3:30PM Dominique Gonçalves | Gorongosa Map of Life

4:00PM Rosamira Guillen | Proyecto Tití: Securing a Future for a Critically Endangered Little Primate

4:30PM Phillipe and Ashlan Cousteau | Ocean Biodiversity and Taking Action

5:00PM Anne Pringle | Are Lichens Organisms?

5:30PM Jonathan Kolby | Hope in the Midst of the Amphibian Extinction Crisis

6:00PM Emma Camp | Valuing Extreme Corals for the Future of Reefs

6:30PM Enric Sala | Why We Need a Wild Ocean

7:00PM Brad Norman | Whale Sharks: Biggest Fish in the Sea Inspires Respect for Our Oceans

7:30PM Joe Cutler | Fantastic Fishes and Their Future

8:00PM Kristen Lear | The Wonderful World of Bats

8:30PM Imogene Cancellare | Snow Leopards and Carnivore Conservation

9:00PM Joe Grabowski | Wonder of the Galapagos



7:20AM Message from the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity on Biodiversity Day  2020

7:30AM Prasenjeet Yadav | Stories from the Skyislands of India


8:00AM Eunice Tan | Beyond Looking Like a Stick – A Peek Into the Lives of Stick and Leaf Insects

8:30AM Sugoto Roy | Ensuring Tiger Conservation, Works for the Good of Species, Habitats and People

9:00AM Huw Griffiths | Biodiversity in the Deep Freeze: Antarctica

9:30AM Helena Sims | Developing a Marine Spatial Plan for a 30% Conservation Goal in Seychelles

10:00AM Ol Pejeta Conservancy | Live with the Last Northern White Rhinos

10:30AM Susan Canney | Elephant Conservation in Times of War and Peace: Why Do the Local People Protect the Elephants?

11:00AM Martin Wikelski | Internet of Animals

11:30AM Andy Whitworth and Arianna Basto | Live in the Rainforest Canopy

12:00PM Pablo Borboroglu | The Penguins: Ocean Conservation Game Changers

12:30PM Marco Lambertini | We Need a New Deal for Nature and People

1:00PM Asher Jay | Core Communications

1:30PM Live from the Turtle Hospital

2:00PM Nicole Stott | eARTh From Space

2:30PM Sven Lindblad and Kristin Hettermann

3:00PM Live from the Toucan Rescue Ranch

3:30PM Enric Sala and Paul Rose | Pristine Seas

4:00PM David de Rothschild | Plastiki (with special guests Paul Rose, Enric Sala and Joe Grabowski)



6:50AM Message from the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity on Biodiversity Day  2020

7:00AM Wangechi Kiongo | Local Communities and Conservation


7:30AM Pia Ve Dahlen | Journey to the Centre of the Kelp Forest


8:00AM Sheena Talma | Seychelles - A Journey From the Sandy Shores to the Deep

8:30AM Thomas Starnes | Amazing Maps for Nature Conservation

9:00AM Callie Broaddus | Youth-led Biodiversity Conservation and How You Can Help

9:30AM Jeneria Lekilelei | Cultures of Coexistence: Mentoring the Next Lion Warriors

10:00AM Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka | COVID-19 and Gorilla Conservation

10:30AM Eleanor Drinkwater | Searching for Giants

11:00AM Joseph Cook | Ice Alive

11:30AM Ben Mirin | Music as a Gateway to Nature

12:00PM Iris Berger | Sumatra Megatransect

12:30PM Travis Steffens | Marvels of Madagascar

1:00PM Oliver Steeds | Exploring and Conserving the Deep-sea

1:30PM Jut Wynne | Going Deep! Cave Biodiversity

2:00PM Sylvia Earle | Our Ocean

2:30PM Andy Whitworth and Ruthmery Pillco Huarcaya | Botany at a Biological Field Station

3:00PM Paul Rose | Science Expeditions: How to Convert Science Hypotheses into Fieldwork in Challenging Places

3:30PM  Ami Vitale | Wild Hope

4:00PM Phil Taylor | Open Seas

4:30PM Discussing Biodiversity with Jeff Corwin

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