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Support Conservation

Around the World

The Global Biodiversity is a 100% non-profit festival, with all funds raised during the event set to be shared with the grassroots organizations of our speakers around the world. These are the unsung heroes and programs of the conservation world, on the frontlines of combating biodiversity loss in their countries.


There are several ways you can make a contribution:

1) When you register for the event, there will be an option to make a donation, choose one of the predetermined amounts or enter your own:

2) Donate right here on this website, use the PayPal button to make a donation and set your amount:


3) During the Festival, we have a text to donate option:


In the US text the word biodiversity to 44-321

Outside of the US text the word biodiversity to 1-917-999-0700

4) If the text to donate doesn't work for you, Donate Directly to our GiveLively Page: 

5) Check out our print sale! Select a print and size and we'll take care of the rest, sending it right to your door. The price covers printing and shipping, with the remaining funds contributing to our fundraising goal.

6) If you were inspired by one of our speaker's organizations during their event and want to donate directly to their cause, please do!

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