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The 6 organizations below have three things in common: they do incredible conservation work, they have donated time and resources to educating thousands of students through Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants and they are feeling the financial strain of Covid-19. This is how the idea for the Global Biodiversity Festival came to be, a free virtual festival to say thank you and raise some funds for some amazing organizations. It quickly took on a life of it's own and has become a three day celebration of the amazing live on our planet, the challenges it faces and the sharing of some good news conservation stories. So join the adventure and travel the world with us as we meet incredible scientists, explorers, conservationists, policy makers and more! Help these incredible organizations continue their important work during these challenging times. The goal is to raise $10,000 and if we succeed in raising event more, we'll make some more donations to awesome conservation organizations!


We have reached our goal of $10,000 and are now shooting for $15,000 so we can donate to some of the speakers conservation organizations!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleas donate if you can, every little bit helps!

$11,843.51 Raised of $15,000 Goal

You can also choose to donate directly to our GoFundMe page:

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Founded in 2003, Osa Conservation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the globally significant biodiversity of the Osa Peninsula.

They protect Osa's natural ecosystems by:

  • Creating biological corridors for Osa’s wildlife

  • Connecting habitat between Corcovado National Park, Piedras Blancas National Park and the Terraba-Sierpe National Wetlands and incorporating them into the Osa Wildlife Refuge

  • Managing and protecting the Osa National Wildlife Refuge

  • Supporting the monitoring and protection of the Terraba-Sierpe National Wetlands, Golfo Dulce and other important marine ecosystems

  • Building successful models for private conservation

  • Restoring damaged and degraded ecosystems


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In 2014, Olivier Nsengimana designed a unique conservation project to abolish the illegal trade of the endangered Grey Crowned Cranes in Rwanda. He established Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association in 2015 to build on the work with Grey Crowned Cranes and expand research and conservation efforts to other endangered and threatened species in Rwanda, and the East African region.


Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association aims to:

  • Provide a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to critical conservation issues in order to create sustainable solutions
  • Protect wildlife and natural habitats
  • Engage and educate local communities and improve livelihoods
  • Raise awareness of conservation issues
  • Build the capacity of young Rwandese veterinarians and conservationists
  • Disseminate high quality research and evaluation



From a working cattle ranch in colonial Kenya, to a trailblazer of conservation innovation - the story of Ol Pejeta is as enchanting as it is inspirational.

Today, Ol Pejeta is the largest black rhino sanctuary in east Africa, and home to two of the world’s last remaining northern white rhino. It is the only place in Kenya to see chimpanzees, in a Sanctuary established to rehabilitate animals rescued from the black market. It has some of the highest predator densities in Kenya, and still manages a very successful livestock programme. Ol Pejeta also seeks to support the people living around its borders, to ensure wildlife conservation translates to better education, healthcare and infrastructure for the next generation of wildlife guardians.


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TRR emphases on the care, rehabilitation, and release of national wildlife. We receive and care for confiscated, sick, and injured animals from government agencies. The Toucan Rescue Ranch works closely with the Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica (MINAE) who brings injured and displaced wildlife to the center. TRR provides sanctuary while giving treatment, rehabilitation, and when possible, release to their natural environment. We specialize in toucans, sloths, and owls, however, we have a large array of wildlife from weasels, porcupines, cats, kinkajous, parrots, and so forth.

The Toucan Rescue Ranch (TRR) was founded in 2004 by Leslie Howle and Jorge Murillo. The original intention of TRR was to rescue, rehabilitate, and release Costa Rica toucans. MINAE (wildlife governing agency) noticed the success TRR had with toucans and began bringing various bird species. In 2007, when a baby sloth given the name Millie arrived, TRR transitioned into a full-time, multi-species wildlife rescue facility that specialize in toucans, sloths, and owls. TRR receives, cares for, and releases a wide range of species.


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The Turtle Hospital (Hidden Harbor Marine Environmental Project, Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation. They are a fully functioning veterinary hospital for sick and injured sea turtles, rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing sea turtles in the Florida Keys. 

Their goals are to:

1) Rescue, rehab, and release sick and injured sea turtles.

2) Educate the public through outreach events and local schools.

3) Conduct and assist with research aiding to sea turtles.

4) Work toward legislation making the beaches and water safe and clean.


You can also choose to donate directly to our GoFundMe page:

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